Saturday, July 12, 2014

Playing Catch-Up!

My family and I just got back from a 3-week trip touring some of Europe- part cruise and the rest trains. What a trip- it was amazing! It was a lot of walking/pulling heavy bags, but so worth it! I think Switzerland was my favorite, though I liked the prices in Austria best and it was almost as beautiful. I learned in Rome that it's not good to order off an Italian menu just because I recognize most of the words. I had my first pizza with anchovies- not an experience I hope to repeat! ;-) The Turks are blood thirsty salesmen, so I like Greece better. Just not the topless women at the little beach we were at in Rhodes... Of all the cruise stops, Rhodes was definitely my favorite in spite of exposing my boys to that. We got pretty familiar with each subway by the time we left each city, and all subways (and toilets for that matter) are different and take some work to figure out. Venice is more fun to see by boat than running through the tiny walkways... I think church was one of the highlights of the trip. We were there 3 Sundays so we went in Switzerland, Athens and Rome. Our church teaches from the same lessons regardless of the location, so it was cool to be in a familiar setting, yet surrounded by the different culture. Everyone was very nice and helpful there.

It was definitely an experience that my family and I enjoyed and while we will most likely never do that again, I'm so glad we had the opportunity! Jody's decided he wants to go into the public restroom business in Venice. It was $2 per person to use them! Cale was free though, which was nice since he needs to go about 5 times more than the rest of us.

While I was gone, there were a few kits released by Scraps N Pieces and AKDesigns. Check them out! 

Are you all caught up on your Project Life layouts? What week are you on? Amanda has another "Life's A Project" pack releasing this week to help your project come along faster and easier. This pack gives you large photo placement.
This pack can be found at:

And if you are like me and life is too busy for Project Life to get done...these templates are amazing for a gorgeous page of multiple photos of one event!!!! Seriously Amanda's templates are the best!!!!

Like the kit I used? Lots of unique elements in this one - Heidi drew most of them herself, so you won't find them anywhere else. This kit is full of adventure, speed, and fun! Whether you like cruisin’ around the field on your atv, the desert with your dune buggy or enjoying a day of mountain biking, this kit is for you! The bright colors of this kit are perfect for scrapping your crazy memories of the trail. It includes any type of off-road vehicle you can imagine as well as the necessary accessories. You’ll love the bold masculine papers that making scrapping with this kit fun!

Amanda also has a white space pack uploaded to her store. Don't let the white space description fool you. This pack has layers. It's going down as one of my favorite sets. Colors in this pack make me want to smile.
This pack can be found at:

Here is what I created using this adorable new template pack!!

Here's the kit I used- Who doesn't love a cowboy (or a cowgirl)? With its mix of denim, bandanna, and turquoise, this kit is perfect for any western girl. It has theme elements making scrapping a day at the rodeo, a trail ride on vacation or life on the ranch easy. Giddy up!  You can grab it at their SNP store & their MyMemories store.


Be sure to grab the RANCH add-on mini that coordinates with this kit and was made at the request of their CT member, Lindsay.

Whew! Be prepared for more catch-up later. Scraps N Pieces released several kits while I was gone! Also be prepared to see lots of LOs from our trip- I'm hoping to make a book to give to my family for Christmas! It may be late though, because there are thousands of pictures to go through!
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