Thursday, June 23, 2016

Happy Birthday to Lori of Scraps N Pieces!

It's Lori's birthday! Enjoy this kit made by Heidi for Lori's birthday. Be sure to also pick up Heidi's birthday kit - Cool Beans. Life is too short to be anything other than awesome. Whether you're scraping a special event or just day-to-day life, celebrate the greatness with Awesomesauce. This timeless kit uses classic colors- red, yellow, blue, green, black, and white and a neutral to add subtle emphasis to your stories. Thematic word art works well for captions, while ephemera and traditional elements like banners, buttons, and flowers make sure your photos take center stage. Awesomesauce complements other kits in your stash to add just a sprinkle of awesome whenever it is used. Record your life's awesomeness today. Get this kit during it first week of release for 50% off. Previews are linked.
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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Toy Box by Scraps N Pieces

Childhood is full of joy, with toys serving as both best friends and play things. Toy Box captures the joy of toys 'coming to life' for children (and those young at heart). This primary-colored kit captures the joys of playtime and features everyone's favorite toys. The patterned papers and hand-drawn elements present would work equally well for scrapping playtime at home or a trip to the worlds favorite theme park. Toy Box is overflowing with toys, as well as a playful alpha and fun flowers, ribbons, banners, and more that you won't ever want to put away. Scrap your favorite childhood memories with Toy Box. Don't miss out on this kit during it's first week of release and get it for 1/2 price. Previews are linked to their store at SNP. SNP_TB_Preview SNP_TB_Papers
 Check out what I did with it!  
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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

New Goods from Ponytails Designs!!

It's the first of the month and that means Nat of Ponytails Designs has some new goodies to show you.  For both the Buffet and the Bits N Pieces this month she ended up creating outdoorsy kits.  With all the sunshine and hot temperatures we've been having lately, is it any wonder?
ponytails_blog BNP 775px
First off check out this month's BNP which is called Backyard Adventures.  I've watched many children at play over the years and I'm always amazed at how their imaginations take flight when they're outdoors and in nature.  It's awesome!
ponytails_blog BUFFET 775px
Nat's Buffet contribution this month, Sunkissed, is all about her love of the sunshine.  "I'm an 80's girl... we used to lay out on tin foil and slather on the baby oil for the ultimate golden tan.  And while I don't recommend doing that anymore, I won't deny that I do like having a little golden sun-kissed look.  But it's much more than that too.  Being in the sunshine just gives me a sense of happiness and well-being that I just can't get any other way.  Bring it on!"
Aren't those just fabulous colors this month?  I know I'll be able to use both sets a whole bunch! Check out what Nat's team has created with these...
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Croquet Anyone by Scraps N Pieces

As spring turns into summer, it is officially the season for playing outside. Croquet Anyone? celebrates this glorious time of year when the green grass calls to everyone. This kit's bright color palette pairs perfectly with photos taken in full sunlight, while its patterned papers look great next to grass and blue jeans (or shorts). Featured elements include a croquet set, a bocce ball set, tickets, and arrows to infuse a more mature sense of play into your pages, while more traditional elements like banners, buttons, stitching, and flowers make it easy to mix and match in your stash. It even comes with a green metal outline alpha for fun title work. Spend this wonderful time of year enjoying a little fun in the sun with Croquet Anyone? Be sure to grab our element pack, paper pack, cardstock/cardboard pack, alpha, and template pack 16. SNP_CA_Alpha SNP_CA_Cardstocks SNP_CA_Elements SNP_CA_Papers Template Pack 16
CT Awesomeness:
 and here is one more with a different kit, but using the template pack.
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