Friday, October 12, 2012

New Kits!!!

Today Amanda of AKDesigns released Template Pack 22. I just LOVE the colors in this fun pack! It's a great everyday pack and great for all pages. Template Pack 22 is on sale now through Oct 22 for $2!!

You can find this pack here at Scraps N Pieces
Check out what I did with it- I used Haunted Mansion by Scraps N Pieces, but I'll tell you more about that later...

B2N2 Scraps' newest kit is all about Marching bands!  She made it with her husband’s job, her kids during playtime and all of you out there who have been in band or have a child in band in mind.  She wanted this kit to be very versatile, so she didn't mix colors.  She only mixed colors with black and white so that you can customize your page to your school colors!  Also, elements are in each color (not just recolored elements, each element is different). So you will find 6 different buttons and each button is in one of the primary colors in this kit.  
Take a look at Marching Band and it’s Quick Pages.
You can find this kit at her Stuff to Scrap store or MyMemories store (hopefully it will be there in the next day or two).  This kit and quick pages are 30% off for one week!  This kit has been in the works since last fall!  Say Becky- "I wanted a kit to use to scrap my marching band pictures but I just couldn’t find a kit like this out there!  So I figured, why not make one?  But then I couldn’t find any commercial use items!  So I had to make all the instruments.  That’s what took me a year to do-to actually sit down and make those templates!  So I’ve decided to add the templates to my store so that if any of you designers out there want to make a music kit, you can find instruments to use in your kits!  I have 4 different packs.  A percussion pack, a brass pack, awoodwind pack and a auxiliary pack.  I also bundled them together so you can save money!"  Here’s a look at the bundle.
The bundle includes a sousaphone, trumpet, trombone (all part of the brass pack), a marching snare, a marching bass drum, a marching set of quads (all part of the percussion pack), a flute, clarinet, saxophone (all part of the woodwind pack), 2 flags and a banner (all part of the auxiliary pack).  You can find all of these packs, plus the bundle!, on sale for 30% off for one week!

Here's what I did with this fun kit!!

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